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Outboards lifts as the name implies lift outboard engines up and down so they can be attached to a dinghy. Often they are on a tall swivel arm that projects out to get the engine away from the hull side. Otherwise you have to hold the engine away from. . . Read More

Date: 4/12/2014

Most of us now know what AIS stands for and what it does. The AIS signal sent out via VHF frequency provides position data; lat & lon of the signal transmitter. All shipping has to send out an AIS signal showing these and many other details. This is. . . Read More

Date: 4/7/2014

Some marks on a deck can be very hard to remove. There are many cleaners and solvents to try, but one new to me was the Mr. Clean magic eraser. I had seen them of course but never had used one.

After the first try at removing scuff marks and black. . . Read More

Date: 4/5/2014

This cool inventive little gadget is a device to fix a thru hull i.e. seacock while the boat is in the water.

Traditionally the way to fix a broken seacock or one that's leaking is to use a soft wooden plug. These wood plugs are tapered and come . . . Read More

Date: 3/29/2014

We all know Shakespeare Marine makers of some of the best antenna. What I did not know was that Shakespeare also makes dock lines.

What's unique about Shakespeare's dock lines is the thread of reflective tracers which are woven through the cover.. . . Read More

Date: 3/25/2014

For a proper wire connection (splice) in the boating environment you need a strong connection between the two wires and resistance to vibration. 3M's Scotcklock's electrical connectors provide a quick easy way to accomplish this, plus the added corrosion. . . Read More

Date: 3/17/2014

Sealife makes interesting underwater cameras. They also make lighting for underwater cameras called the Sea Dragon. SeaLife accessories let you customize the performance of your SeaLife camera and the latest accessory is the GoPro adapter. Now you can. . . Read More

Date: 3/11/2014

Cockpit enclosures are popular with boaters who either live aboard or spend time in the cockpit in all weather situations.

To find and install an enclosure it probably means you would contact a canvas maker or make one yourself. This is both time. . . Read More

Date: 3/3/2014

I'm afraid at my age it means I need readers increasingly more often. It used to be that outside we did not need to read, but with the proliferation of tablets and sunlight readable screens we need both sunglasses and readers at the same time. I have. . . Read More

Date: 2/24/2014

AIS is well known and its benefits understood by boaters of all stripes. Whether receiving or transmitting a dedicated AIS antenna is preferred. You could use a VHF antenna, but for best results use a dedicated antenna.

Digital Yacht have come up. . . Read More

Date: 2/13/2014

Sleipners motor vector fin stabilizers take a different approach to stabilizers. They recently took the DAME award . . . Read More

Date: 2/9/2014

Whether you sail or you have a powerboat you know the value of good non skid. Non skid gives you the important grip to keep boating safe.

Typically a boat comes with non skid on all the necessary surfaces which is formed during the molding process.. . . Read More

Date: 2/4/2014

B & G have been at the leading edge of sailboat instruments for many decades. Mostly used by high end racers, the new H5000 is designed to appeal to cruisers also.

One feature of instruments is the ability to calculate true wind. When your standing. . . Read More

Date: 1/12/2014

Sugru is a self-setting rubber which can be molded by hand into any desired shape. Sugru is hand formable, sticks to almost anything, air dries, is strong and durable, flexible, and grippy to the touch. Sugru withstands extreme temperatures and can be. . . Read More

Date: 1/9/2014

There are many lifejackets on the market.

This article talks about lifejacket features and benefits

But for infants you need some extra protection.. . . Read More

Date: 1/5/2014

Pocket Mariner developer of he Compass eye app for IPad also has SeaNav a comprehensive navigation app. SeaNav costs $15 but has lots of features and charts.

SeaNav has. . . Read More

Date: 12/26/2013
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