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rescueME MOB1 is an AIS enabled MOB alarm small enough to fit into a pocket.

When someone goes overboard a personal AIS beacon will send a distress signal over VHF frequencies, so that anyone in range a few miles can pick up the signal on their AIS. . . Read More

Date: 2/28/2015

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) announced today winners of the 2015 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show Innovation Awards, presented during the annual Industry Breakfast at. . . Read More

Date: 2/22/2015

Dr Sails is a two-component epoxy adhesive ideal for fast and flexible and underwater curing and is especially designed to repair sails.

Companies like saillrite make sewing machines so sailors can repair sails, but they are expensive and bulky, so. . . Read More

Date: 2/15/2015

There are no hard and fast times to replace your boats standing rigging, so regular inspection will help you know when to replace any stays. At the end of the season a thorough check leaves you time to make changes, while a quick check at the beginning. . . Read More

Date: 2/12/2015

This is an interesting quick connect from Tylaska Marine Hardware. To be able to remove a wire shroud without pulling clevis pins is a welcome boon.

The Tylaska quick connect works with wire sizes up to 1/8 inch. However plans for larger sizes are. . . Read More

Date: 1/24/2015

Garmin makes a lot of very good GPS's and other instruments, but their base is navigation on land.

They are however gradually providing more and more sailing and racing oriented devices and programs. They are not grand prix level, but also do not. . . Read More

Date: 1/23/2015

Rope ladders are one way to climb a rig. You can pull the ladder up the mast with a halyard and then you are able to ascend the mast without assistance, like you would need with a bosuns chair.

Rope ladders however suffer from twisting as they are. . . Read More

Date: 1/10/2015

An alternative to Swage Rigging Terminals are swageless terminals also called mechanical terminals.

The beauty of the Swageless fitting is it does not require specialized tools. All you need is a method of cutting the wire to length and then 2 wrenches.. . . Read More

Date: 1/6/2015

Sailboat rigging is simple in concept once you have a basic understanding. There are several parts which all work together to support a mast and sails. To make sure that your rig stays in one piece there are a few things you should know. Most mast failures. . . Read More

Date: 12/31/2014

Forward Sailing is a company at the pointed end of performance sailing. These days boat speeds have been not just been increasing but leaping upwards and crashing at these high speeds can hurt. So for protection at these speeds and to provide warmth,. . . Read More

Date: 12/24/2014

This new system has some potential to steady a boat at rest or at anchor. The simple flat boards will dampen rolling motion from waves. As the boat tries to roll it has to drag the boards with it. The drag from the boards slows down the rolling.

The. . . Read More

Date: 12/24/2014

Headset are goofy and a nuisance, but not maybe as goofy as a bad docking incident. One issue with maneuvering is communications between crew and helmsman or skipper. Clear communications make situations go smoothly while jelling back and forth and not. . . Read More

Date: 12/23/2014

Two component epoxy putty which has been specially formulated for repairs to damp, wet areas and underwater substrates.

Can be applied underwater in fresh water or salt water which is a plus for boaters. Look to use this product either under the. . . Read More

Date: 12/20/2014

MagicEzy 9-Second Chip Fix is designed for fiberglass surfaces repairs above the waterline. It is made from an exclusive nanotechnology-based formula that fills, gouges, cracks and deep scratches. The hairline fix is designed for smaller cracks and scratches.

MagicEzy. . . Read More

Date: 12/20/2014

Catamarans and Multihulls are especially prone to violent gusts of wind. Where in a mono hull you may be subjected to a broach, multihulls can capsize. As a safety feature Ocean data Systems have developed many devices to help control sails. For shorthanded. . . Read More

Date: 12/7/2014

If a boat sits in the water for long enough barnacles will grow. One of the reasons for equipment to over heat is the build up of marine growth in the sea water thru hulls. The deposits reduce the flow of cooling water to the equipment; which reduces. . . Read More

Date: 12/4/2014
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