9.9 HP PRO KICKER outboard

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In the 9-10 HP range of 4 stroke outboards there are several players. They are Yamaha, Tohatsu, Mariner, Suzuki and Mercury. Here we are looking at the 9.9 Mercury.

4 stroke outboards are quieter and are more environmentally friendly, but they do come with a size and weight penalty. I recently replaced a smaller 2 stroke with a 4 stroke and the size was much bigger so much so that it was much harder to fit in the lazarette locker. The other issue when upgrading to a 4 stroke is the weight and the boats trim. The heavier weight of a 4 stroke can add stern down trim to a smaller boat.

The 10 HP ranges of outboard can push a small dinghy and inflatable in the under 10ft category at planning speeds up to and over 15 knots. It can push a larger pontoon boat at displacement speeds and the same with up to a 24 foot sailboat. Some fresh water lakes do not allow larger outboards than 10 HP. A 24 foot sail boat will potter along with a smaller engine, but almost get onto a plane in flat water with a 10HP outboard. If you are towing water toys or skiers or sailboats in rougher conditions, larger outboards will be required.

Practical sailor in its march edition 2009 reviewed the Suzuki and Yamaha 4 stroke outboards. At the end of their test they still found the mercury 9.9 the best 4 stroke. The mercury is quiet and relatively cheap. The Mercurys standard 4 blade prop works well at speed and at trolling speed.

Mercury's Description

Taking the fun with you is a great advantage of inflatable boats and small fishing boats. Mercury offers a complete line of portable FourStroke outboards that are extremely light, with the widest range of models to choose from. The entire line makes operation and portability easy with smart, simple features. Plus, clean, quiet, fuel-efficient FourStroke performance makes them the obvious power of choice.

  1. Features 9.9

  2. Our 2.42:1 gear ratio and four-blade propeller deliver maximum thrust and slow trolling speeds.

  3. Peace of mind is provided by durable gearcase design and dual water inlets.

  4. Available in two shaft lengths, 20 and 25 inches, for multiple applications.

  5. The Pro Kicker features a compact, integrated power tilt and a heavy-duty transom bracket for maximum strength, speed and durability


  1. Mercury 9.9HP 4 stroke

  2. Manual

  3. Long shaft(20" shaft)

  4. Electric start

  5. Tiller Handle

  6. PT=power trim & tilt

  7. O=oil injected

  8. XL=25"shaft

  9. XXL=30"shaft
  10. Counter Rotation

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