Taku Cabin Fan by Caframo

Taku Cabin Fan by Caframo

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Caframo 12 Volt Taku fan


The new fan from marine Fan and heater maker Caframo is a suction cup mounted fan which installs on an opening hatch.

For boats without adequate ventilation this will be a great addition. Combine the Taku fan with a rain and sun hatch shade so the hatch can be left open and enjoy some breeze.

The 12 Volt Taku can swivel in many directions so you cool the areas you need.

You see many people opening up a hatch and placing fan in the hatchway. This works but its untidy and cumbersome. The Taku can be easily mounted and it stores in place when not needed.

This will be a great gift for many boaters.

Caframo's Description


Keep cool with this easy-to-install hatch fan featuring push button controls, LED lamp, and suction cup mounts. With a pivoting axis, this versatile fan can be swiveled to exhaust air out of the cabin or to bring fresh air in.

Not just a hatch fan, the versatile 12 Volt Taku can also be swung down into the cabin and swiveled 360° to direct a cooling breeze right where you want it. Installs on most hatches 17" across and larger.


    Unique design
    3 quiet comfort speeds
    Turbo setting
    Sealed, brushless motor
    Draws less than 1 amp at high speed, 4.3A on Turbo
    High efficiency LED light
    Fits most hatches 17” and up
    Secure suction mount (no-drilling required)


    360° rotation for limitless positioning
    Quiet, comfortable cabins
    Exchange stale cabin air in minutes
    Reliable long-life
    Provides cabin light
    Battery friendly
    Easy to install
    Economical alternative to Air Conditioning

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