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Skipper mobile chart app


Skipper is a new app from Trailbehind the people behind the Gaia GPS hiking app. With a geat pedigree Skipper turns your iPad into a mobile chart plotter. Like most navigation apps Skipper has all the features like NOAA charts, weather, tides routing and tracking.

One of the more striking features is the use of the cloud to store details of trips, waypoint and photos. Try Skipper Cloud here There are some pretty good trails on Gaia of mountain climbs and beautiful photos along the route. With the Skipper cloud you can document each of you expeditions with tracking and photos at tagged locations.

Skipper also includes Active Captain integration. Active Captain is an interactive POI (point of interest) charting system. The system enables a boater to use the information for his cruising. He can locate marinas, boat ramps, inlet markers, information not found on a NOAA chart.

Skipper App

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NOAA charts on iPad and iPhone, done right.

Skipper is a modern chart-plotter. Powerful mapping and weather tools, with data synced across web and mobile.

With Skipper you can overlay NOAA raster charts on great base maps such as MapBox cloudless aerial, up-to-date OpenStreetMaps, and USGS topos for all of your navigation needs. Skipper also has the most efficient download size for official NOAA rasters. You can download the whole US for offline use in less than 2 GB

Skipper App

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When you buy Skipper for $0.99, you get a simple, easy-to-use NOAA online chart viewer, to use for planning and consulting charts and satellite imagery on shore.

For $11.99 a year, you unlock the full power of Skipper, on all of your devices – offline charts, data back-up and sync, ActiveCaptain, weather & tides, and so much more. We think you’ll love the app, but you don’t have to believe us – we set up Skipper so you can try out the entire breadth of Skipper’s features before you decide:

Best Offline Charts on the App Store
seamless mosaic of official NOAA charts, created on-device
smallest possible download size for official rasters, download all US charts in less than 2 GB
overlay charts on great base maps, including MapBox cloudless aerial, the most up-to-date OpenStreetMap road maps, or USGS topos

Seamless Online/Offline Data Collection
Skipper syncs your waypoints, routes, tracks, and photos between your devices, and backs up to the cloud
flip a switch and it just works, and new devices can be synced with no hassle
use to manage and share routes, tracks, and photos

ActiveCaptain Integration
view and contribute to the best marine location database in the world
information about marinas, anchorages, hazards, and local knowledge
new reviews near you every day
leave reviews and ratings in Skipper

Weather & Tides
offline tide graphs and charts, past, present, and future, calculated from NOAA tidal constituent data
online weather data from Wunderground
NEXRAD overlays, with animation, time stamps, and controls
wind, temperature, other vital stats
•current conditions, hourly, and daily forecasts

Beautifully Designed, Built, and Supported in California
fully and individually optimized for all sizes of iPhone and iPad
pixel perfect retina graphics
created and supported by people who care

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Skipper costs $0.99 for the base app, plus an $11.99/year subscription.

Skipper is developed by the same people behind the hiking app, Gaia GPS.

Gaia GPS

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