Superwind 350 wind turbine

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The Superwind 350 is a well engineered German manufactured wind turbine, primarily designed for marine generation on yachts. The Superwind 350 has a 1.2m blade diameter which is on the larger size for mounting on a boat. One of the negatives with wind turbines is the annoying whirring noise made by the blades. Now the Superwind 350 comes with quieter blades.

The Superwind 350 is one of the best wind turbines gaining Practical Sailors endorsement in 2007. Since the original design the 350 Watt unit now comes with quieter blades and it is claimed as much as 50% noise reduction is achieved.

Effective January 2010, every Superwind 350 will be delivered from the factory with Superwind new Silent Power Blades.

The secret to the noise reduction is in the blades. You can see in the picture the chevron looking structures on the blades (shown in red) which creates little vortexes. These micro vortexes are the secret to the noise reduction. The vortexes are turbulence generators which in fluid dynamics stops the boundary layer from getting too big and breaking away from the surface. The small chevrons keep the boundary layer constant in size.

By all ac counts the Superwind is one of the quieter wind turbines and also one of the larger amp generators. Fairly pricey at $1600.

    The Superwind 350 features;

  1. High Output – Low Noise

  2. Pitch controlled rotor blades

  3. Compact Dimensions with Big Performance

  4. Saltwater proof materials

  5. Neodymium magnets

  6. “Brushless” Electric Generation

Superwind's Description

Silent Power: Extremely silent rotor blades

With immediate effect, the Superwind 350 will be delivered from the factory with superwind´s new Silent Power Blades.

The rotor blades have been optimized by superwind´s engineers in extensive wind tunnel tests using sophisticated sound measurement equipment and a special ambient sound elimination software. The result is 10 dB (A) sound reduction which compared to the former blades is experienced as just half the noise emission.

Even though the former blades have not been noisy at all, the gain in comfort is amazing. The running Superwind is now hardly perceptible. Neither by the own crew in the cockpit, nor by the neighbours at anchor or in the marina.
The progress has been achieved by especially designed structures on both sides of the airfoil, quite similar to a shark skin, which induce micro turbulence for improved aerodynamic and acoustic performance.

The new superwind Silent Power Blades are fully compatible to their predecessors which makes it easy to upgrade older Superwinds to the state of the art.

The Superwind 350
is a small wind generator for professional use, which even under extreme conditions works autonomously and automaticly. It is often used on sites where there is no grid available. The electric power generated by Superwind charges batteries and can be used directly for 12V- or 24 V-appliances. There are many industrial appliances on these voltage levels like measurement systems, transmitters or navigational aids. But there are also quite a number of high-quality energy-saving appliances available, such as energy saving lamps, refrigerators, deep-freezers, water pumps, ventilators, consumer electronics, TV, radio and navigation equipment, etc. Appliances for 230 V or 110 V can be supplied by an optional inverter.

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