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MAATS the boating industries convention, for marine and boating products announced this year winners, & the best new products. The Wrino Boat Hook won the Deck Equipment category. Australian Wrino Boat Mooring System, available from Anzus Imports in the US, also won Australias top award for boating equipment.

The Wrino design is a well thought out innovative boathook, which saves many docking & mooring issues with its key feature. This feature is being able to hold the dock line or mooring line in a loop. Once you have the loop firmly established on the boathook you hold the boathook and loop, over a piling or cleat, without having to leave the boat. No more lassoing and trying to toss the line like John Wayne.

The business end of the Wrino boathook has some clever features, which you do not see on any other boathooks. The end fitting of the Wrino, has 2 hooks plus 2 clips, and you can see from the demonstration video how these features make picking up a mooring or piling a synch, without even leaving the boat. Be sure to watch the video, which demonstrates picking up a mooring buoy, a cleat and a piling, all common docking issues.

The Wrino is an innovative boathook and probably the best boathook available. Soon you will see more of these types of boat hook, and you will wonder why this was not invented before.

$75 plus P & P from “ Anzus Imports ”

“ Play the Video to see the uses ”

Additional Resources

“ Boating Industry Press Release for MAATS 2008 boat equipment winners in each category ”

The Dock a Reni is a similar but simpler product we reviewed last year

Wrino's Description


The patented features are used singularly or in combination to perform multiple mooring functions for attaching the mooring lines from the safety of your boat

* Lasso dock cleats, pylons and buoys
* Swing your boat alongside a dock
* Pick up lines from a flat surface (e.g. a refueling jetty)
* Tie mooring lines to dock cleats
* Untie lines when getting underway
* Pick up mooring ‘pick up buoys’ with a lasso.
* Line control with the line held between the two hooks

More Features:

* Loop lines around dock cleats and pylons
* Thread a line through a ring (the line eye must be shortened)
* Place a mooring line eye over a small cleat (e.g. when rafting boats together.
* Pass a line to another person (e.g. rescue from the water)
* Use a snap-hook to pick up mooring buoys
* Use a snap-hook to attach a line to an eyelet

This snap-hook function also assists retrieval of trailer boats on boat ramps.

Product Benefits

* WRINO is beautiful (Design Award), but its true value is what it does.
* The WRINO is similar in appearance to a standard boat hook, but will do very much more.
* It can be stored as a boat hook and takes up hardly any more space.
* Once purchased it can be fully utilised, with all boat hook functions plus the complete mooring system.
* Fully multi-functional, it can handle almost every mooring problem that you will encounter

Additional Product Benefits

* The telescopic handle gives a reach to 2.2 meters
* Lightweight it can be handled by most boat users
* Ideal for lone sailors

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