Arctic Armor™ Suit

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Innovative Designs

The Arctic Armor Suit must be one of the best suits to wear you venture out on a boat in frostbiting and extreme cold conditions. It will even keep you afloat if you fall overboard. It seems to be a kind of survival suit. Watch the video of an NBC news reporter who tests the suit by jumping in an iced over lake.

Arctic Armor uses thermal insulator called Insultex and it has three layers of it, which insulate the body in the more brutal conditions. Also the suit at only 6 lbs, and at the same time traps air molecules inside the fabric to make the suit buoyant and keep the wearer afloat.

Innovative Designs's Description

Innovative Designs, Inc. offers the Arctic Armor™ Suit which will revolutionize hunting and other outdoor activities. Each Arctic Armor™ suit utilizes 3 layers of our exclusive thermal insulator INSULTEX™. One layer of INSULTEX™ protects a person to sub-zero temperatures. Multiple layers of INSULTEX™ can provide practically unlimited levels of insulation. INSULTEX™ is also windproof, waterproof and buoyant. Innovative Designs has perfected this design under the strictest guidelines to ensure buoyancy. The Arctic Armor™ suit, with INSULTEX™, consists of micro-air molecules trapped inside the fabric to enhance buoyancy. Keep warm and keep safe with the Arctic Armor™ suit from Innovative Designs.


All of our products contain Insultex™,
The lightest and thinnest thermal insulation ever

This new cellular structured fabric is truly revolutionary. It’s proven that air is the best Insulation and Insultex™ incorporates countless micro air cells. These individual pockets trap air and do not allow it to escape. This is the key to keeping people warm. Insultex™ simply reflects the body’s radiant heat back to the body. Other properties possessed by Insultex™ include being very thin, lightweight, flexible, waterproof, windproof and buoyant.

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