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mantus anchor

The Mantus anchor is similar in design to other modern anchors of the Bruce/Claw type or Scoop as they are sometimes called. They have in common a Roll Bar and Flukes which angle upwards.

The CQR is one of the most common anchors you will see on boats but it's not the best. The CQR is a Plough type anchor where the Flukes angle downwards. Countless anchors have been tested over the years and everyone is surprised by the CQR failure.

Modern anchors have made huge leaps in performance be it setting or holding power over the CQR. The roll bar is one breakthrough which flips the anchor so the tip can gig in. The next is the shape of the flukes which aid in setting and holding power.

Mantus Anchor

mantus anchor

The Mantus Anchor is one of the modern Claw anchors which include the Rocna and Manson Supreme.

Mantus Design Features;
Roll bar to roll anchor upright
Sharp thicker tip for penetration
Thicker Heavier tip to lower CoG
Flukes angle up for holding power

Most obvious is the roll bar and flukes which are bolted to the shank. This enables the Mantus to be dismantled; 6 bolts 4 for shank and 2 for roll bar. The shank is welded to what they call a shank boot which is bolted to the fluke. The fluke or spade is pressed steel.


mantus anchor

The Mantus Anchor belongs to the Claw family such as the; Rocna and Manson Supreme.

Both of these anchors have good setting and holding power. Online reviews show the Mantus also has these qualities plus the ability to disassemble.

You can see how these anchors perform in the Boat Anchors article

In the article you will see a reference to the Yachting Monthly test in 2006. In these tests 4 anchors held to 5,000 lbs. They were the Rocna, Manson supreme, Fortress and Spade anchors. Three out of these were Claw type anchors.


25 lb galvanized Mantus $230

22 lb galvanized Rocna; $273

25 lb galvanized Manson Supreme; $370


Manufacturers Comments

mantus anchor

DIGS LIKE NO OTHER The Mantus Anchor is designed to penetrate dense grassy bottoms and set with unparalleled holding power. When tested, our anchors set faster and deeper than any other tested anchor, including Rocna, Manson Supreme, Bulwagga, Fortress, Bruce, CQR and Danforth anchors.

EASY TO STORE The Mantus anchor lineup simply has the best boat anchors available. Whether you are a long range cruiser, racing or going out for a day sail. The Mantus breaks down for easy storage, so you can store one or two as spares without taking up much needed boat space.

Formed out of high quality steel plate. Contains no cast parts.
Shank and shank boot are welded from top and bottom.
Shank and roll bar are bolted to the fluke.
ASTM certified steel bolts are oversized with a large margin to ensure safety.
Although the shank is attached to the fluke with 4 bolts, a single bolt has sufficient strength to handle the maximum expected load on the anchor.
Stainless Steel anchors are made of 316L Stainless and hand polished to a # 7 finish.
In the steel version every part of the anchor system is hot-dipped galvanized for corrosion protection.
Sharp-headed nose is precision machined to achieve the perfect chisel shape to achieve maximum penetrating power.

LIFE TIME WARRANTY Mantus Anchors offers a lifetime warranty on its anchors

Manufacturers Contact

mantus anchor

Mantus Anchors

The Mantus Anchor is a multipurpose, high-performance, new generation boat anchor. Over the last decade, tests performed by Cruising World, Practical Sailor, Sail and PMY magazines proved that new-generation type boat anchors outperform the traditional designs. Designed to set in very hard or grassy bottoms, The Mantus Boat Anchor has been extensively tested against the competition and will provide you with the best performance, guaranteed. No other boat anchor on the market can set as rapidly, reliably and securely.

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