Marine Deck 2000

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Marine deck 2000 is a substitute for the traditional teak deck. Cheaper and easier to install Marine Deck is made from Cork, taking advantage of a greener product one that does not kill trees as it is formed from the bark which grows back. The cork is granulated and mixed with a urethane as a binder. A UV inhibitor is also added, before the mixture is cured in 20 ton presses.

There are many new products on the market which are a substitute for Teak. Most of them are synthetic PVC like products. Teak is a very expensive option for a deck and these alternatives save in material and labor costs. Marine Deck is flexible and easy to cut.

The application process uses a caulking compound to glue the cork compound strips to the deck and also to caulk between the strips.

Stazos web site has a report from the Delft University which claims many of the same qualities of Teak decking.

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Stazo's Description

MARINEDECK 2000 EXTERIOR is the result of advanced research and technology in synthetic marine flooring. The composition, being made of ACMEC (Agglomerated Composite Marinedeck Exterior Composition). ACMEC is a registered trade mark and being manufactured by STAZO marine equipment b.v. in the Netherlands.

A very special production method together with the synthetic binder enables us to manufacture MARINEDECK 2000 EXTERIOR. The planks, primers, adhesive and deck caulking material being prescribed, incorporate the same component elements to ensure complete compatibility.

The finished product has proven to exceed expectations, resisting exposure to natural elements and most chemicals. MARINEDECK 2000 has stood the test of time in most extreme conditions. Proving wear resistance and nearly maintenance free.

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