Ultrasonic Tank Sender

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BEP Marine Inc.

Here is a variation on the tank sender. The 2008 Boat Accessory of the Year Awards winners were announced at this years Helsinki International Boat Show. Presented on behalf of Finnish Marine Industries Association Finnboat, the top prize was given to BEP Marine for its BEP TSI Ultrasonic Tank Sender — a programmable tank sensor that determines the degree of fullness of fuel, water and septic tanks. The organisation described the product as a "small, slim-line, ultrasonic sensor" that verifies the contents of a tank "in the same way an echo-sounder determines the depth".

BEP Marine Inc.'s Description

The new TSI Ultrasonic Tank Sender can be used on fuel (petrol or diesel), fresh water, grey water or black water tanks. One part number suits all tanks.

The TSI is programmable for the following outputs, 240-33ohm, 10-180ohm and 0-5volt.
The TSI offers low profile and standard SAE 5 hole mounting pattern, allowing it to be retro fitted to practically all other sender brands.
The TSI can be programmed for tank dimensions via a computer utalising BEP Marines proprietary TSI software, avoiding experimental tank filling on site.

The TSI is configured to a 0-5v output and will connect straight into the BEP 600-TLMN digital tank monitor.
When configured to a 240-33ohm or 10-180ohm output the TSI can be connected to teleflex, Faria, VDO and many other popular instrument brands. When connected to non-adjustable gauges the TS1 must be pre-calibrated.
Standard off the shelf TS1 sender is set for 0-2M depth.

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