Yanmar ZT350 Sterndrive

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Yanmar Marine

The new Yanmar ZT350 stern-drive was introduced at the 2008 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

The ZT350 is a dual-prop outdrive that competes with Volvo Pentas three Duoprop models and MerCruisers Bravo III.

The ZT350 weighs 247 lbs and is intended for use with Yanmars BY engines from 150 to 260 hp.

For an introduction watch this video ” Yanmar ZT350 boat test ”

Yanmar Marine's Description

The propulsion system is the heart of any boat. Thats why owners will demand high-performance, reliable, durable and eco-responsible Yanmar Marine USA Corp. sterndrives, such as the all-new ZT350. Bringing together leading-edge engines and drives, the state-of-the-art ZT350 stern-drive is the perfect match for Yanmars BY and LP diesel engines

Ideal for new installations or repowering, the hydrodynamic ZT350 features an innovative hydraulic clutch for exceptional smoothness. Precision-forged gears provide an extra-long service life, while two counter-rotating propellers supply unmatched handling and tight tracking. Large rudder dimensions offer superior handling on both single and twin engine boats.

Incredibly quiet, the easy-to-maintain ZT350 stern-drive provides advanced corrosion protection. With the same installation sizes as previously-fitted drives, it employs power steering, power trim and a through-hub exhaust for lower back pressure.

Designed, built and proven by Yanmar, the all-new ZT350 sterndrive is the perfect transmission match for the BY and LP Series diesel engines, unsurpassed for new installations and ideal for repowering.

This quiet, hydrodynamic sterndrive has a new type of hydraulic clutch for exceptional smoothness, precision forged gears for extra-long life, two counterrotating propellers for superb acceleration and tight-hold tracking and large rudder dimensions for superior handling, wether your boat is single or twin installation.

. Hydraulic clutch for shockless engagement

. Precision-forged gears for long life

. Complete with power steering and trim

. Reduction ratios 1.65 / 1.78 / 1.97 / 2.18

. Yanmar Propellers

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